Hot desk

Hot desking – a new dimension to coworking

Hot desking is a solution that involves sharing a coworking space. Employees are not assigned a seat – they occupy a position that is available when they arrive at the office.
Hot desking may seem a bit chaotic, but in fact it is a solution with many advantages: it allows you to make the most of your office space, choose a position that suits your current needs and reduce costs (the most favourable option will allow you to rent a coworking space for as little as PLN 350 per month). In recent years, it has been gaining in popularity and is increasingly chosen by people who run their own business.

Hot desking – advantages

While the lack of an assigned workspace may put some employees off, hot desking gives you more freedom – you can sit next to other people and discuss an important project, then retreat to a secluded spot and focus on your work. Whichever workstation we choose, it will be fully equipped. What’s more, Business Zone coworking spaces are available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This solution allows you to better organise your work – both your own and that of everyone else using the hot desk with you.


Renting a desk – it pays off!

Renting an office on an exclusive basis is a solution that larger companies in particular opt for. If you work alone or in a small group, it is worth betting on economical solutions – private offices, dedicated desks or publicly available coworking spaces. The cheapest option for the independent entrepreneur will be hot desking. The monthly fee allows you to use not only strictly designated office space, but also all common areas, including relaxation areas, kitchen and dining areas. In the Biznes Zone, anyone using the hot desking can treat themselves to unlimited coffee and tea, as well as use the office equipment present on site.

Coworking space

Many hot desking companies provide access to limited coworking space – if we want to step away for a private phone call with our client, we are forced to go outside or look for a secluded area, which is much more difficult at lunchtime. Bizes Zone’s offices for rent have been designed so that everyone who uses the hot desk has the chance for a moment of privacy and relaxation. Tenants can use not only designated office spaces, but also relaxation areas and acoustic booths where they can discuss important business issues without worry.


Biznes Zone hot desking 

Coworking Biznes Zone was created in response to the ever-changing needs of entrepreneurs. All offices for rent were designed by qualified architects, who were guided throughout the process not only by their knowledge of current trends, but above all by their attention to the highest standards and their desire to create coworking spaces conducive to effective work. To enable everyone to thrive, regardless of the size of their company or the number of employees they employ, Biznes Zone has created tailor-made packages to meet the individual needs of diverse businesses.

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